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Kubernetes-kernel-based cloud os! Let's sealos run kubernetes


Any highly available distributed application on kubernetes can be installed with one click.


Freely combine various distributed applications and easily customize the cloud you need.

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Cloud services can be found and obtained in the application market, simple but powerful.

Instant Create Examples

# Run a single node kubernetes
$ sealos run labring/kubernetes:v1.24.0 labring/calico:v3.22.1

# Run a HA kubernetes cluster
$ sealos run labring/kubernetes:v1.24.0 labring/calico:v3.22.1 \
--masters,, \
--nodes, -p [your-ssh-passwd]

# Add masters or nodes
$ sealos add --masters --nodes,

# Delete your cluster
$ sealos reset

Instant Application Examples

# prerequisites: OpenEBS or other storage is needed by KubeSphere.
$ sealos run labring/affine:latest

Kernel Arch


Cloud Driver

Using CRI CNI CSI as Cloud OS Drivers
with compute/storage/network like containerd/calico/openebs to pooling every resource everywhere

Cloud Kernel

Using kubernetes as Cloud OS Core
abstracting underlying resources / defining resource interfaces / standardizing application management

Distributed Applications

Anything else as Cloud OS Applications
each combination to meet various requirements and scenarios

Used By

More than 4k enterprise users use sealos in production!